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Laura is a very wise and inspiring woman. She has a lot of experience in guiding other women to realize their full potential. She has helped me various times when I was not so clear on what I wanted, by making very good questions and bringing a wide perspective into the situations, which showed me that I didn't have any real problem, after all, and enabled me to find my way through. If you are interested in seeing through any difficult time in your life, Laura is the best person I would recommend you to speak with.
Ines Fernandes
I have had the privilege and honor of being guided by Laura in the midst of some challenging times and I can say from experience that her words, her deep-rooted wisdom and her presence alone were determinant to me at crucial moments in my life. Her transmission, the way she walks her talk, her history and her way to live life come to my mind many times when things get wobbly. She is an inspiration in the midst of finding myself where to stand and how to live this human experience as a person and as a woman.
Laura has been a tremendous support on my journey over the last few years. Her advice always comes from a ground of deep listening and is earnest and straightforward. Two other strong qualities of Laura are that she brings in humour and lightness no matter how “terrible” I think my situation is... I can wholeheartedly recommend her coaching.
In my work with Laura she, always in a caring, clear and accurate way, has reminded me of who I am and helped me understand what would be stopping me from expressing what I want the most. I am deeply grateful for Laura's presence in my life!

I have been with Laura over the past months and what I can say is that Laura knows what she is talking about. She supported me by guiding me through a rough time I recently faced. I always felt she really saw and heard me and she helped me see things couldn't see myself and I always felt in good hands. Now I am not seeing her so regularly anymore but she is always there for a session when I have questions. I highly recommend working with Laura.
Laura has the heart of a lion when it comes to walk the path of freedom. She has been an inspiration to me for many years, showing me perspective when I felt stuck or lost, being an example of what it means to fight even when it seems that darkness is all-pervading. She is a courageous and strong woman that leads by example and puts her heart into everyone who she supports on their journey. Thank you for being such a bright light and for just being you!
Let's stay together and alone.
- Laura Williams
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