Freedom Here and Now
No matter how it feels right now, your true nature is already Happy and Free.
All of our limiting beliefs and ‘stuckness’ arise because we falsely perceive ourselves to be a separate and limited ‘me’ with problems.

My work with you will always be grounded in the perspective that, no matter how it feels right now, your true nature is already Happy and Free. The ultimate truth is that you are Consciousness itself, unlimited and non-separate AND you are a human expression of that One Consciousness that wants to feel, express, create and liberate - now. When we
recognise and rest in this Truth a burden is lifted and the journey in front of us
suddenly looks completely different – light and joyful. From this perspective, it is
much easier not only to see what holds you back but also to transcend it.

Action is needed to create change – inspired action. Inspired
action emerges when we start to awaken to our True Nature and become willing to
do something different. We must come to realise that most, if not all, of our daily
‘operating system’ is simply programming not only from our personal history but
also from our cultural and gender conditioning. I have a lot of experience in helping women uncover the conditioning that is holding them back from their true expression.

In my own journey and many years of guiding others in this awakening process a
regular meditation practice is absolutely key to separating what is true from what is
false in our experience. A daily meditation practice provides the strength and
inspiration for real change so I recommend this for all of my clients, even if they
have never meditated before. I provide full instruction, guidance and support.
When we rise up from our own ashes we discover that we were not that which burnt but the Fire itself.
- Laura Williams
Working together will be an organic process grounded in the understanding that we are uncovering your True Nature not fixing something wrong with you. Everything you need will be revealed from within you. The following stages are a guide and we will navigate them in an inspired rather than rigid way.
Where to begin?


Meditation is the foundation of the Awakening process so in this first session we will get you started in a regular meditation practice or fine-tune yours if you already
have one. You may be surprised just how much developing a regular daily practice will liberate you from much of what is causing you to feel stuck now.
What do you really want?

Awakening to the True Heart
When we work together the first thing I will help you uncover is your heart’s desires. What do you want? What do you really want? What are your dreams? What have you been putting off? What do you want to change? These are deceptively difficult questions to answer for most people, especially women, but they are an important starting point for an awakened life.
What is in the way?

The Obstacle Is The Way

When you know what you want we will look at what is standing on your way. What are the limiting beliefs you have about yourself, others and life that
prevent you from taking the action? I will be with you every step to help you transcend the small and unhelpful ideas you have about yourself so that you can start really being yourself.
Ready to take action?


When you feel that there is nothing to hold you back from taking the next step/s
then you need to know what they are AND take them. I will help you uncover your
innate guidance system and I will support you in acting on what it tells you. By this time you will feel more motivated than ever as you have understood why you
haven’t taken action before now.
Freedom is always here and now but sometimes we need reminding that Freedom is the source of everything we see, feel and experience.
- Laura Williams
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